New Machines for Xograph Technologies

Xograph Technologies have just installed two new machines, a 90 ton Boy Moulding machine and a Boston Matthews extruder which will be situated in their current Class 7 clean room. In order to make space for these large machines, they have also had a new Controlled Production Area built next to the clean room, for the preparation of products.

The Boy Moulding Machine will enable the manufacture of most medical products in much higher volumes than before as well as assisting with one of Xograph Technologies' core skills - over-moulding - which does away with the need for solvent bonding.

  In order to keep producing high quantity and quality extrusions at any length required in a variety of materials and colour from 0.8mm to 10mm, the Boston Matthews extruder uses a combination of extensive polymer processing experience and the latest technology to enable Xograph Technologies to stay at the forefront of micro-extrusion, a manufacturing procedure which requires very exact processes and is only available from a very limited number of manufacturers.

Mike Biro, Managing Director of Xograph Technologies says: “The purchase of these machines shows our customers that we are expanding our business and will be better prepared to cater for their future requirements.”

Boston Matthews extruder and 90 ton Boy Moulding machine in Xograph Technologies' Class 7 Clean Room